Wednesday, 12 June 2013

5 Ways To Stop Your Shower Curtain Blowing In

I'm going to show you 5 clever ways to stop your shower curtain from blowing in and sticking to you. It's incredibly annoying when your shower curtain gets sucked in and clings to your legs and arms. Most people don't know how simple it is to put a stop to it.

The Curtain Bouncer

The Curtain Bouncer may seem like a slightly bizarre product, but its design is very logical and it seems as though it would be effective at preventing clinging. This product is made from polypropylene and although it may look slightly flimsy, the manufacturers claim that it should not break under normal conditions. It slides back and forth as you open or close the curtain and is designed to fit most rods/rails. It's currently not available on Amazon, but can be purchased from the curtain bouncer website for $20. It ships from the UK.

Clever Weights

These are quite clever and are designed specifically for shower curtains. They're designed to not only weigh the curtain down, but to also keep it level with the edge of your bath tub. They clip on easily, and are available in different colors and shapes. The are not only functional, but have an appearance that is actually quite elegant and will do nothing to negatively effect the aesthetics of your bathroom. Intelligent design combined with an attractive appearance makes this my favorite anti-cling product currently available.

Magnets as Shower Curtain Weights 

1. Powerful magnets
2. Popular method
3. Use them as weights or to hold the curtain to the side of your tub.

Click here to view on Amazon

This is actually a popular way of stopping shower curtains from blowing around. Simply attach magnets, which can act as either curtain weights or can be used to stick the curtain to your tub. This simple yet effective solution will provide the extra weight needed to prevent (or at least minimize) it from flapping around and sticking to you. Unlike regular curtain weights, these require no adhesives, and no stitching. They're a good alternative to suction cups, which are often poorly attached and fall off. They're easily secured in position by placing one on each side, as obviously their magnetic force allows them to hold each in position. If using them to add weight, space them out at different levels to prevent sticking to each other. If you're looking for weights and need a heavier option, read my blog post on heavy stainless steel weights 

Curved Shower Curtain Rod 

1. Adjustable (no need to cut to fit)
2. Fits standard size bathtub enclosures
3. Affordable and easy to install

Click here to view on Amazon

These curved rods are adjustable, so you don't have to stress about ensuring you get the exact right size and you won't be required to cut the rod. They are designed to fit standard sized bathtub enclosures (56-72"). 

Reviews show that they are easy to install and definitely create a little extra space to help keep your shower curtain from clinging to you. Showering in a tub can be a confining experience, even without the issue of clingy liners. The is a great way of increasing your shower space and a little extra elbow room is a pretty basic solution to the problem and your shower curtain should no longer be sucked in to the extent that it touches you

Shower Curtain Clips

1. Pack of 2 or 4
2. Holds curtain tightly against the wall
3. Prevents shower splashes soaking your floor

These clever little shower curtain clips hold the curtain out and away. All you need do is stick them on, as they have a strong adhesive which the manufacturer claims will last years. Whilst using one or two on one side of your shower enclosure may help a little, I'd imagine that you would require a clip on both sides, to pull the curtain tight so it can move inward.

These will also stop leaks and splashes escaping around the side of your curtain. Oxo Good Grips have a reputation for producing these kinds of clever products, with a focus on home and kitchen items. Buyers seem to agree that these clips are unobtrusive and are reasonably aesthetic once put in place.

Try hanging something from your curtain rod

How about a D.I.Y solution?

These obviously look pretty awful, but you could something other than fishing weights. I'm not really recommending this, but thought I should mention the idea for people who looking for a quick fix.

If your upper body is being attacked, perhaps hanging something from the rod will keep it back. Although, depending on what you choose, it may simply infringe on your elbow room.

An item such as an organizer may be able to minimize your curtains ability to attack your upper body whilst also creating extra storage space. This probably won't be effective at keeping your curtain off of your legs, but at least it will put all of your hair care products and body washes within easy reach!

Will it hang low enough?

It would seem to have potential to create somewhat of a barricade to block out your shower curtain and minimize its ability to stick to you. It would be more effective if you could somehow lower the organizer a little to prevent the curtain for clinging to your lower body. Obviously, the intention of this product isn't to function as the 'Curtain Bouncer' does. However, it would appear that it would very possible for it to be used to restrict your curtain's ability to suck in and stick to you.

Not only will this stop your shower curtain from attacking your upper body, but the pockets it provides will be extremely handy for minimizing clutter, which tends to accumulate on your shower floor over time. I have about 10 different shampoo and conditioner bottles, along with shaving cream, and a bunch of other random stuff on my shower floor. An organizer such as this can perform two functions, protecting you from your curtain, and keeping things up off the floor, within easy reach.

How much are you willing to spend?

These glass doors with hinges are the premium solution.

The frosted tub door shown here is hinged and made from 6mm thick tempered glass. These are also available with clear glass. However, I prefer the frosted glass just in case someone has a brain lapse and walks in while I'm showering.

Considering the options listed above, this is obviously comparatively expensive. However, considering the fact that you shower every day (hopefully) and you may be fed up with curtains clinging and getting moldy, this may be worth considering.

This is a significant upgrade for your bathroom, and obviously requires installation which may be daunting to some. However, after reading review comments and looking through the instructions for installation, it appears relatively straight forward.

There are cheaper versions without the hinged door. However, I've found that screens without the hinged door are generally not wide enough to keep water from splashing out onto the floor

The option pictured above costs around $400.

Avoid cheap lightweight curtains!!!

One of the most important things to remember is that cheap shower curtains should be avoided. Usually the quality of a shower curtain is directly proportional to it how clingy it will be. I recommend you read my blog post on heavy weight curtains. It lists a few different options, including liners with inbuilt magnets and pockets.

Why does the curtain move inward?

Finally, If you're looking for an answer as to why your shower curtain is sucked inwards and upwards, rather than downwards and outwards as would seem logical, there's a number of theories which discuss the cause of the shower curtain suck-in phenomenon. Some are quite complex, discussing vortexes and air pressure, computational fluid dynamics. However, one simple theory simply states that the flow of hot air upwards is responsible for sucking cool air from underneath, which creates the 'suck-in' effect. Bathrooms with fans which switch on automatically when the lights are turned on are notorious for exacerbating this effect.

My housemate and I actually removed the curtain because we got so sick of this happening. This then obviously created the problem of water splashing all over the floor. It also just felt totally wrong, like I was exposed and any moment someone could walk in and see me showering. I got really tired of out bathroom floor being covered in water, and started looking for solutions.

I hope my blog is helpful and puts an end to your shower curtain troubles.


  1. Just stick more magnets , to existing magnets dummies... no gizmos needed !

  2. I use heavy magnets on the inside curtain a few inches below the rim of the tub. With a little trial and error, you can find the position where it will hang just over the outside rim of the tub when you push the curtain outwards. It is simple and completely reliable.

  3. I suggest a dual layer curtain.
    One can lay inside the tub and other can lay against the outside to stop air flow. Just add a clear floor length curtain to your existing shower curtain.

    1. Thank you Gerry R! That fixed it! I thought I was the dumbest person on earth for googling this topic, but apparently it's a colossal annoyance to everyone else as well.

  4. I use coated metal clips for chip bags. Cheap and easy to use. Only $1 at Dollar Tree.

    1. To what do you clip the chip clips? To the bottom of the curtain and the weight is sufficient to keep the shower curtain from billowing inwards? We have a claw-foot tub so don't have anything to attach the clips to unless it's to gather the lower part of the curtain into folds at certain intervals and clip the folds? Wondering how you're using the clips.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like the magnets would be the most practical. I will give them a try with magnets from Home Depot.

  6. Get yourself some of the chip clips that are small that also have a magnet on the them so you can stick them to the fridge when you're not using them. Clip them to the bottom of your curtain with the magnet-side facing towards the bathtub. I've used on fabric & plastic curtains... & It totally solved the problem on both! The clips are from BigLots & cost about $3 for 4 or 5 clips.

    1. And yes, the weight is sufficient for the most part but with the added magnet it really helped!

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