Sunday, 21 July 2013

Thick Heavy Shower Curtains

These heavy/magnetic shower curtains will minimize the 'blow-in effect' in order to stop your shower curtain from clinging to you. You can choose between magnetic hem curtains and heavy curtains made of thick extra heavy vinyl. Extra weight is a very basic and effective solution to the problem.

Magnetic Shower Curtain (built in magnets) 

1. Heavy duty anti-mildew and anti-bacterial (100% PEVA)
2. Magnetic to stick to your tub
3. Rust-proof metal grommets

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This appears to be the highest rated magnetic shower curtain available. Not only is it anti-cling with built in magnets, but it is also odor free. It's also thick and heavy, which will help fight back against vortexes and air pressure differentials caused by your shower's downward flow of water. Many people also use one of these as a liner for cloth shower curtains. It is also made of PEVA which is naturally mold resistant and anti-bacterial. 

This appears to be the best reviewed, as cheaper versions seem to have issues with magnets falling out. They're also effective at sticking the curtain to the tub, unlike some others, with complaints from customers that the magnets do not hold. The vinyl is thick, heavy and frosted, so it's not 'see through'.

Extra Heavy Vinyl Curtain

1. Heavy duty anti-mildew vinyl.
2. Clear panel allows light into shower.
3. Choice of 4 colors.

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The curtain pictured above is made of thick 10 gauge heavy duty anti-bacterial vinyl, which allows it to be sturdy enough to not get sucked in and cling to you. There are several scientific theories on shower curtain 'blow-in'. One of these theories is the Buoyancy Theory, which states that as the hot air within the shower rises upward, it sucks in air underneath and around the bottom of the curtain, causing it to be sucked in. The extra weight provided by the thick vinyl is intended to stand up to this effect. 

Shower Curtain with Pockets

1. Pockets help keep your shower clutter free.
2. Lets you easily add weight to keep your curtain in place.
3. 100% PEVA 70x72".

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Perhaps even more beneficial than its extra weight, is this curtain's ability to keep you floors clutter free. The pockets look cool and are very functional for adding extra weight and extra storage space. The weight of your shampoo and shower products will hold the curtain where it should be. This also allows you to intentionally weigh it down with any random heavier objects. Most people probably have enough hair care products and body washes sitting on the floor of their shower to fill up the pockets and add heaps of extra weight. The floor inside my shower is cluttered with shampoos, conditioners, shaving cream and all sorts of stuff, which makes me extremely tempted to purchase one of these. 

What can you do with your old shower curtain? 

Here are a few ideas that might prevent you from throwing your old curtain in the trash. They're actually quite useful due to the fact that they're waterproof and can be used outdoors to cover things such as barbeques, air conditioners and outdoor furniture. 

I also like some of the other ideas I've found, such as creating a water slide on your lawn, or making it into a sled. However, in my opinion, the most practical and useful ways they can be used is as drop cloths for things like paint or oil. I also love the idea of simply storing one in the boot of my car in case I ever find myself needing to sit on moist ground. Waterproofing a picnic blanket is just genius and I probably would never have actually thought of this myself.

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