Sunday, 28 July 2013

Shower Curtain Clips and Sealers

I'm going to show you 3 different kinds of shower curtain clips and clamps which allow you to secure your curtain to prevent clinging and splashes. 

Shower Curtain Clips

1. Pack of 2 clips
2. Pull your curtain tight from each side.
3. Stop splashes from soaking your floors (and your socks)

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Sold in a pack of 2, these can be used on either one side, or both sides to pull the curtain tight, to minimize flapping and clinging.

These splash clips are put in position with a simple 'peel and stick', with manufacturers stating that the adhesion will last for long term use. Basically, this is not a cheap nasty product that will fall off after a few weeks of use, and will give you years of increased curtain control. 

Clips such as these can also be very useful for stopping water from splashing around the sides onto your bathroom floor. I used to struggle to keep my floors from becoming soaked. I used to get shampoo or conditioner bottles and sit them on top of my curtain every morning to keep it from getting sucked in and to keep my floor from getting soaked. These kinds of minor hassles can be really annoying, and just make life more of a headache than it already is.

Magnetic Curtain Clip

1. Magnetic clip holds the corner of your liner in place
2. Triangular shape stops bath water from splashing onto the floor
3. Self-adhesive base

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This magnetic clip and splash stopper is designed for showers positioned over tubs. However, there appears no reason why it wouldn't also work when adhered to the floor, and would still be useful for preventing splashes and could help to reduce clinging.

The triangular shower curtain clip is shaped to keep water in, whilst also clipping the curtain in place a magnetic clip on the inner side. This is essentially a "two in one" product, which will help keep your floors dry by keeping your curtain closed and minimize liner movement. 

This could also be helpful for preventing waves of water flowing outward onto your floor when having deep baths. When moving around in a deep bath, it's easy to create little waves which flow over the edge of your tub. This especially the case when you have kids. I remember when I was young I'd intentionally move back and forth to create waves, which would often surge over the edge of the tub. This clip will help block these water surges from splashing all over the floor.

Shower Curtain Sealer

1. Magnetically Clamps your liner in place
2. Self-adhesive sticks clamp to the wall.
3. A little expensive compared to clips

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For a more heavy duty approach, you may want to consider this magnetic Curtain Sealer. 

If you'd like to get a little more forceful with your shower curtain, this magnetic clamp will hold it firmly in place, and keep it there. This product uses an adhesive to stick to the wall, and locks in place magnetically. The manufacturers describe this as a heavy duty plastic shower lock, that will hold any curtain in place to prevent slips and falls. Interestingly, one benefit described in this products write-up is the fact that using a product such as this can minimize laundry costs. I hadn't actually considered this benefit but I guess this is quite simple really. Instead of using towels to soak up water off the floor, they can just be used for their actual purpose and hung to dry for next time.

Comparatively Expensive

This heavy duty sealer/clamp is a more expensive option than a pair of clips. I guess when you look at the benefits, such as eliminating 'blow-in', keeping floors (and your socks) dry, minimizing laundry and preventing slips and falls, this product is actually worth the money. However, these same benefits seem to be able to be gained with a pair of clips, which are less expensive.

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  1. I already use option one but its the middle and far end that sucks in so i guess another pair to add one just inside the tub to hold it tight at both ends O.o